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How To Start Profiting In Real Estate Through Tax Sale And Mortgage Overages

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How You Can Profit From Surplus Funds Today

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Learn step by step how to create a 6 figure a year business while working less than 30 hours per week. The strategy to accomplish this will be tax sale and mortgage foreclosure overages. A strategy that is recession proof and actually helps people by recovering money that rightfully belongs to them.

"I highly recommend this course. I've completed it and almost 10 other overage courses and multi-day workshops and the information shared within is the best of all the online courses I have purchased. I received my moneys worth in the first half of the content! Nick's personal experiences/lessons are woven into the content and the video demonstrations are detailed and complete. The content is sufficient enough to begin and profit in any chosen area if the principles are applied."

- Dan Nicholson, Vietnam Veteran

"I just received 4 checks totaling almost 100k from other deals. I attached the four recent checks to validate my comment. Keep up the good work...I had 2 others pay out for a combined 15k (my cut) prior to these ones. I work a full time job but am about to resign, putting in approx 20-30 hours per week." - Jay R.

"In February of 2019 my job as a plumber came to an end. I was 50 years old and figured I had 15-20 more years of working life before retirement. So, I started to look for a new career. Real estate was the answer I arrived at. While researching foreclosure surpluses, I came across Nick Fullmer’s name in a forum on Bigger Pockets. So I Googled his name and started watching his YouTube videos.

[On] November 4, 2019. I dove into the course. In January of 2020, I started to focus on one market. I began by building a lead list as Nick teaches in the course. And I started calling people on my list the first part of February 2020 using the scripts Nick provides in the course. I sent out my first 2 contracts to be signed in February of 2020, using forms that Nick provides in the course, and some forms specific to my market.

My first case was filed by my lawyer on March 3, 2020 and paid out about 7 weeks later. The overage total was $30,293.62. I received 20%, and after lawyer fees my check was $5,808.72. Happy? Oh, yeah! My second case was filed March 23 and paid out after about 3 weeks on April 14. The overage amount was $39,182.22. I received 15%, and my net was $5,377.34 after lawyer fees.Since the checks have started coming in, I’ve deposited over $11,000 in the span of a few weeks. I’ll gladly take that. I’ve never made chunks of money like this in my life. And, if you are used to an hourly wage, you will have to adjust your mindset to fewer, much chunkier pay days.My third case was filed 4/24/2020 and the judge approved the request on 5/5/20. The check hasn’t been sent yet. The overage was $10,089.94, and I’ll get 50%. I’ll net around $4000 after lawyer fees.

I’m currently doing this part-time as I take care of my newborn grandson during the day. Seeing the results I’ve had part-time makes me eager for the results I hope to get when I can devote full-time to this business. Nick’s course gave me the foundation I needed to get started.Be prepared to work. And if you work using the training from Nick’s course, you can see results.Maybe you’re looking for a complete career change like me. Nick gives you the tools to do that. Maybe you’re just looking to add some extra chunks of income on the side. You can do that too. And you can take control of your schedule. Trust me, that’s priceless.

- Wes Fahlenkamp

"First off I would like to say although I'm glad I came across XXX's course.. your course is super packed with info .. it's amazing! There's so much I didn't know, so thank u for being so transparent!

- Samellia T.

"I am halfway through the course and it is one of the best laid out programs I have encountered. With a clear path to generating income in several ways."

- John A.

I was introduced to tax lien overages by a friend in 2018 and was blown away that it was a thing. I got super stoked by it and started researching on YouTube. I thought it was such a great concept to add to my tool belt... I remember the feeling when someone called me and told me I had money with the state that I needed to claim. I was like, "Come again."

I started watching Nick on Youtube and it felt like he was an old friend and he cared - I felt like I could trust him. He was not flashy and flaunting his riches. He is so humble and genuine. That's when I knew I could trust him and wanted to work with him. He truly is interested in assisting students in creating generational wealth and not just lining his pockets. I took the class and it was more than I expected. It was very detailed and provided many advanced strategies. It was worth EVERY penny!!!

-Danielle Winfield-Wimberly

I have invested in many of ecourses in my life and rarely have I seen someone as invested in helping others as Nick Fullmer. By frequently updating content, multiple financing options as low as $200 a month (an option I took) & created guides for every state as well as joint venture. I recommend Overages Syndicate to anyone who’s willing to put in the work & learn a skill that can pay a great return.

- Jasmine Townes

"This course is the best by far--You need to put in the work and effort to succeed as in any business. I had paid for two other so called courses and they did not hold a candle stick compared to Nick's course. I have to really thank Nick for all the continued work he puts into his course material and adding to it continually. :)"

-Barry Logan

"I want to be very honest with everyone who is on the fence on buying a tax overage course or for those of you who have purchased every course out there. Nick Fullmer's course by far in my opinion is the best material you will need to succeed in the business. What I like about Nick is he is straight to the point and doesn't BS you. Look no further and follow everything he says and you will make money. Remember if you fail it's not the material you can blame you can only blame the person you look in the mirror everyday which is yourself."

- Bj Massey, profited over $13,000 on one of his 1st deals.

"Ok. I am going to post my 2 cents about Nick and why I picked him. I am also a past prison guard (like Nick) for 27 years and have served from the bottom to the top in corrections (now retired). Me and my wife have also had numerous businesses before, during, and after our time in prison. I have see a lot of bullshit in both the prison and the private sectors in my time. I have little patience for scams.

After all the due diligence, I believed Nick had both the integrity and the knowledge to give me the tools for success in this business venture. Which has proven to be true.

Nick put his life out there. His successes his failures and his tax return. Nick showed me his integrity. I could not find this transparency any where else in the surplus overage business. But to be honest, I thought he was a below average salesman-slow to speech and boring. However, his success was real and not hyperbole. He just put it all out there. Also note, I have no personal relationship with Nick and have never even talked to him.

I am in month 7, I have 3 cases paid, 23 cases filed and will do well over 6 figures my first year."

- Mitchell Monteiro, Retired Corrections Officer

"Completed the program the first week in July 2021. Locked in our first client 5 weeks later. Working through are mistakes and are on our way to earn 5K. We are finding what works for us and hitting it hard. The leads are just abundant and out there.

- Jason R.

-Josiah K.

"Thank you Nick Fullmer for your program because it has opened up options for me that I didn't know were available. Adding another revenue stream to my real estate company Equity Saviors Inc and more importantly it allows me to help people in a different way. Now I'm able to show proof of concept, prove to those around me that I can get paid for returning overage funds to the rightful owner.

To anyone that is struggling and thinking of giving up. Don't stop, keep going because you are one YES away from opening the door to your next chapter. Most people don't realize that the most important YES comes from YOU to YOU. Tell yourself YES everyday! Yes you can do it! Yes you deserve it! Yes it works!

- Lonniel Ingram, Equity Savers INC

"14 clients signed this month, thanks to 3 things:

  1. Taking Nick Fullmer's Overage course
  2. Joining his weekly Mastermind (so we can ask specific questions, shorten our learning curve and do JV deals)
  3. Taking massive action on what we learn in #1 and #2
In 2020 I interviewed Nick at the request of a course creator. Nick was one of his big success stories.
To be transparent, the idea of Overages went over my head...
But I remember liking the fact that he was a humble, non-hype dude. He was truly helping people with his course and had the numbers to back it up.
Fast forward to 2021, my business partner Matt Pennetti and I were putting on a virtual summit...
Asking a dozen successful entrepreneurs and investors one simple question:
"What Would You Do With $10K Right Now, To Double, Triple or 10x Your Returns?"
We got to highlight these unique strategies and stories (including Nicks) - and the summit was a big success.
Weeks after, however, we couldn't stop thinking about one specific interview:
In fact, what he shared was so compelling, that we ultimately decided to change our entire business model and focus on Overages.
Looking back, it's been one of the best business decisions we've ever made.
I say all that to say this:
If you're considering getting into the Overages game and are willing to put in the work...
Take it from someone who professionally vets side hustles and the people who teach them:
Nick Fullmer is the guy you want to learn from.

(No affiliate link here, just students sharing their story)."

- Brian B. & Matt P.

"Still waiting for the 'Big One' but little checks show proof of concept"

- Carole

"Great Way To End The Year!"

- Mia F.

"Attorney called and my first mortgage overage contract will likely be settled by the end of the week. Thank you so much for the information you have shared! The momentum is starting to pick up. Your course is amazing for a beginner, than you so very much!"

- Marjorie C.

"Here's the break down:

$192,259.53 Recovered

$134,091.67 (70%) to our client Ohana ************

$57,467.86 (30%) to us minus about $2,000 in fees and legal expenses

Hard case, had to correct and redo business filings from several years ago. Had to fight registration company for documents."

- Mitch

"This course is well worth and more. To have all of this information concerning the workings of the business in the various aspects and direction of the business is what I need to keep me on course of success. Thank you!"

- Joseph James

"Good afternoon Nick, Hope all is well and again thank you so much for teaching me the overage business. Because of you, I am slated to make an additional 50K before the end of 2021 by only working **, and have some aggressive goals for 2022."

- Ernest

"I want to thank Nick for clearing up a lot of my confusion in working tax overages and mortgage overages. I purchased Nick's course in September. I am excited to say I have about 8-9 deals with the attorney from December alone and 1 from October. I hope to work this full time.

UPDATE: Nick, my family & I are truly blessed. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to make 6 figures (around 100K). I am on schedule to make around ($200K-$250K). However, I still have my day time job as a Senior Credit Analyst making about $92K a year. I am doing the overage business about 3-4 hours a day, sometimes. Thanks for your course. It has taken off the limitation of what can be accomplished if you set your mind to it."

- Walter H.

Started in this business almost 2 years ago and just recovered our biggest check to date - $168,128.42

Even better was our client's response when she received her funds!

"Three years ago, my son was diagnosed with special needs. He required a lot of therapy and care, so I resigned from work to offer him that (fortunately special education was my career forte).

Seven months later, my husband was laid off from work as an engineer. Five months after that, Covid came and took both my father and father-in-law with it.

My three children and I lived out of hotels for a couple of months and recently, we have been residing in a one-bedroom apartment. (As my husband and I have also filed for divorce).
With this money, I will purchase a smaller, more affordable house for my family.

Thank you so very much. I am very grateful."

So appreciative to be able to run a positive impact business like this that has the ability to truly change peoples' lives. Really looking forward to continue to scale this business and helping as many people as I can!

If you are struggling, stick with it. There are a lot of nuances but you get them all figured out over time the more cases you work. The results are worth it - both for you and the people you help.

- Matt M.

"I have bought/completed several overage courses from different course providers and Nick Fullmer’s course is by far the best, most detailed, most comprehensive course available. Nick provides many detailed videos explaining almost every part of the business, and he continues to add training videos as the industry progresses. Nick also sets the appropriate expectations for this business, which is essential in creating the correct mindset to succeed. Nick’s course is a “must have” and a no-brainer investment for your business.”

- Brian

"Hi Nick

I just wanted to say Thank You Thank You and Thank you!!! I love this business and love helping people. My biggest obstacle here in NJ for 2021 when I decided to do this full time was the attorneys and the lack of priority given to my clients that I have worked so hard in getting. In 2021 I made a total of $86,000. I now work in conjunction with 4 different attorneys and and only pay 1/3 of my fee amount so things are looking brighter and I have never been happier and it is all because of you!!! Thank You Thank You and Thank You. ..I love the actual calling and talking to the clients and always keep them updated as we go from one phase to the next( I have 4 phases...Phase 1...Signed agreements, Phase 2...Mailed out to interested parties, Phase 3...Uploaded to E-courts and final phase 4 is the Granted phase).
Thank You also for uploading new material in the course....I love going back and watching them again and again, sometimes I just need a little positivity and I always finish your video and feel uplifted anf ready to start again."

-Annette G.

Your Instructor

Nick Fullmer
Nick Fullmer

In 2015 I first learned about overages. I had made money in real estate before through strategies such as wholesaling, but was looking for something more.

I took a leap of faith and purchased a course for $1500 on a credit card because I did not have the money.

Fast forward to today and I have been involved in close to 100 different overage deals and counting, across several different states. I've been able to create a six figure business while working less than 30 hours a week.

Now I share my knowledge, experience, and strategies with you so you may develop a new stream of income and ultimately achieve a new level of freedom you desire.

My goal with this course is to help you in your journey to achieve results faster.

To your success!


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  19 Obstacles To Overcome In The Overage Business
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Available in days
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The course will also be updated with new and relevant information.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do You Have Any Guarantees?
Yes, we offer two guarantees as of Feb 2024: 1. 100% Reimbursement Guarantee. What does this mean? It means when we partner together on a deal, you get reimbursed the cost of the program. For example, if we complete a deal together and the net profit is $5,000 if you paid $2,000 for the course, then you get the first $2,000 back from the deal and we split the remaining $3,000 50/50. Make sense? Well what if you don't want to partner on a deal? That leads us to our 2nd guarantee: 2. Our secondary guarantee is that if you don't 2X your investment from this course on your first deal, then we'll write you a check for the difference. Just submit proof of payout along with a story of your deal, and if your profit was less than 2x your investment into the program, we'll send you the difference. Example: if you invest $2,000 into the course and your first deal is only a $3,000 profit to you, we'll send you $1,000. You just have to show you did a deal and the story behind it. If you partner with us on a deal, we'll make sure the first $4,000 in profit goes to you, in exchange for a testimonial from you on the course and your overall experience and lessons learned from that first deal. Success comes from doing the work. If you're just here to consume the content and then ask for a refund, without doing any work, please don't buy the course, it's not for you. BONUS GUARANTEE: I personally guarantee you there will come a point where you will want to quit, give up, and/or want to find another way to make money. Learning a new skillset is very difficult. Applying consistent effort over time is difficult. You will be tested to see if you have what it takes. If this scares you, don't buy.
Who Is This Course For?
-Anyone looking to profit from real estate, but who don't have a ton of money to buy or fix up property. -Wholesalers who are looking for a less competitive and recession proof niche. -Current real estate investors who are looking to add an additional profit center to their existing real estate business. -People looking for a work from home opportunity. -Someone who wants to supplement their income or quit their day job. -Anybody who wants to build a 6 figure a year business while working less than 30 hours per week.
What Support Is Provided?
There are multiple ways to ask questions and get answers to include: -Question and Answer chat box under each video module. -Facebook Group -Email Support
Refund Policy?
None. However, see our guarantees above. This is a digital product, once downloaded and logged into, it is deemed "used" and cannot be returned for a refund.

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